Centrifugal Monoblock Pump Set SCB Series
Centrifugal Monoblock Pump Set - SCB Series

Up to 78 M3/Hr.

Up to 36 Mtr.

Up to 4"

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  • Water supply for Residential Bunglows, Appartments, Flats, Garages, Hospitals, Lanudries etc.
  • Farms, Gardens, Fountain, Lawn, Sprinklers etc.
  • Booster application.


  • Pump The over all efficiency is higher due to high hydraulic design.
  • The volute casing, Impeller,Adopter are manufactured and machined very precisely with smooth surface finish resulting in low friction losses
  • The pumps are designed with a very low NPSHR result in high suction lift.
  • High quality mechanical seals are used to ensure effective shaft sealing against leakage of water.
  • All the rotating parts are dynamically balanced resultantly less vibrations, low noise level and long life of components.
  • Replaceable wearing parts.
  • High Temp. Grease lubricated antifriction ball bearings are used for longer life.